10 Reasons To Stop Talking Sports Trash On Facebook

    By Bethaney Wallace | Small Business

    No matter the season, the team, or the winning record, Facebook seems to be a magnet for talking trash. Users post their thoughts – gentle or not – and then it turns into a snowball of hurt feelings and un-witty comebacks. Other than stirring the pot, there doesn’t seem to be much point in mentioning the “facts.” Sharing a photo or a few words of encouragement are one thing, but when putting others down, it’s just time to move on.

    Here’s why:

    10. It makes everyone hate you

    Keep talking trash and see how many followers keep you around. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, but constant bullying is enough to send even the best of acquaintances running.10 Reasons To Stop Talking Sports Trash On Facebook image fetch 300x20110 Reasons To Stop Talking Sports Trash On Facebook9. It creates a Mean Girls attitude

    Even the real Mean Girls couldn’t make fetch happen – they also couldn’t make being mean happen. Move on already, judging jersey choice is so 2004.

    8. The boomerang always comes around

    What team is undefeated every season, for all time? Unless you want a big helping of self-medicine the next time your beloved falters, it’s best to keep one’s lips closed.

    7. It’s childish


    6. It can’t be unsaid

    In 20 years, when your team is awful or you’ve become BFFs with a fan of the enemy, those rants will still be imprinted into the depths of the Internet. Good luck explaining your formerly awful ways.

    5. Everything is objectionable

    Unless you’re a sports writer posting facts, the commentary is nothing more than speculation. (And even then, but at least it’s respected.) Add a negative spin and it’s cyberbullying toward the opposing team.

    10 Reasons To Stop Talking Sports Trash On Facebook image team winning 300x30010 Reasons To Stop Talking Sports Trash On Facebook4. Everyone has a justification … and mean fans

    “But wait until…” “You schedule was easy,” “McFukelton was hurt,” “East Dakota fans are ridiculous,” “Our Coach’s brother’s second cousin’s ex-wife put a hoax on the team!” – Newsflash, no one wants to hear it.

    3. Fair weather fans are awful

    Anyone who sticks with teams only because they’re winning isn’t a true fan. Seasonal and perfectly timed posts impress anyone. (“I like Northeaston in rugby and Westerners in water polo.”) Either go all-in or find a new, less spotlighted hobby.

    2. Fbook is not the place for opinion articles

    Those paragraph-long status updates about how a team did or didn’t do, and why – those are the worst. This is not the opinion section of the newspaper; save it for your blog.

    1. We have better things to be doing

    Maybe it’s sucking an egg or sitting on it, but at least we aren’t being a huge jerk in the process.

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