10 Predictions After Reading The Stars For A Successful Blogger

10 Predictions After Reading The Stars For A Successful Blogger image copy cat2110 Predictions After Reading The Stars For A Successful Blogger

No I didn’t really read the stars for a successful blogger but I am writing the 10 predictions about what a successful blogger is like. Some people believe that reading the stars will tell them what is going to happen in their lives, me, I believe that what happens in your life is a direct consequence of what you do. If you do not DO something then nothing will happen.

Building a blogging business that earns you a full time income takes work and relies on your ability to make things happen, not wait for fate or good luck.

I do not care if you are a Capricorn or Cancer born blogger. We are all in the same boat and here are my crazy predictions for you!

#1. Confidence Isn’t a Problem

You believe you can do anything and everything is possible. The question is never “IF you can do something” it is only “WHEN”. You know you will achieve your goals so you never worry about failing or making mistakes. They are just part of the road to success.

#2. Determined and Will NOT Take NO for an Answer

When someone says NO to you, you try a second time. When they say NO for a third time you ask someone else. No never means NO to you!

You know the old saying about getting back on the horse, well that is stuck in your head.

#3. Negative People Bore You

The word “can’t” is not in your vocabulary, in fact you cringe when it is uttered. Lazy boring people that are full of excuses about why they cannot do something make you see RED! You think these people are a lost cause and you steer clear of their bad vibes.

#4. Passion…Love Your Work…Enjoy What You Do…

You jump out of bed every morning like you just won a million dollars. That’s how excited you are to start working every morning. People think you are crazy!

#5. A Successful Blogger has Persistence

Even when you are knocked down and have set backs, you will get back up and keep trying. You do not give up. It is a simple formula, because you are persistent and try so many times, you will be successful! Building a website from scratch is a huge job and you are in it for the long haul.

#6. You are a Sponge

Of course we all know that you will absorb all possible information that comes your way, but the sponge sinks deeper than that. You will suck up and take on anything that you feel is improving your life. Even if you see a personality attribute you like you will mimic this until you have it right. You strive to suck up all possible knowledge about everything and use it to your advantage.

#7. You Start Out as a Copycat

You are no idea how to be a successful blogger, so to fast track your career; you take on the role of a copycat blogger. But you are amazing at sucking up knowledge and quickly become your own person. Now people are copying what you do because you are an original amazing blogger!

#8. You Share Knowledge with Confidence

You share knowledge because you are confident that your information will help others.

You are not scared to have someone disagree with you as this is the beauty of the world and everyone has their own views. If their words ring true to you, the smart thing to do is adopt that idea and move forward with your new knowledge.

#9. Strength to Admit Mistakes

So you are human and make mistakes! The thing is you do not look to blame other people for your failings, nor do you make up excuses for what has happened. You admit to your mistakes and use the knowledge as a learning tool to move forward. You never make the same mistake twice. You will not be blogging for two years with no income as you will make mistakes and move forward.

#10. Not Wrapped Up In You!

Becoming a successful blogger will never go to your head because every person is special in their own way. You never look down on people as you know they are just as important as you. A successful blogging hierarchy does not exist to you. Everyone you meet can be the next “Famous blogger”.

Now if you have read this article and feel that I pinpointed you to a T then you are halfway there.

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