10 Lost Engagement Rings And How They Were Found [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    10 Lost Engagement Rings And How They Were Found [Infographic] image 10 lost engagement rings and how they were found10 Lost Engagement Rings And How They Were Found [Infographic]

    Much is said about the role that engagement rings play in the union between a man and a woman, yet few know about the historical importance given to this precious object. This ring bears great meaning to a couple, since it’s the symbol of their compromise, but what happens when women accidently lose their (sometimes very expensive) rings? Well, we only know the lucky ones, the women who lost their engagement rings to get them back later, many times thanks to the honesty and kindness of random strangers. Even if it takes 17 years for the ring to show up, like it happened to one of the stars of our infographic.

    But where did these women get inspired to get an engagement ring in the first place? Well, one of the oldest and most famous cases of the use of this type of ring occurred in 1477, when the Austrian Archduke Maxiliano gave Mary Burgundy a diamond ring, representing his love for her. Thus began the tradition of engagement rings, especially of expensive engagement rings with diamonds, which represent the strength of the relationship, since this valuable gem is imperishable and extremely sturdy. Some Greeks even believed that diamonds were splinters of stars that have reached the Earth, while others believed that these precious stones were tears from the gods of Olympus. Nice stories… But we bet Mary Burgundy didn’t lose her ring!

    Whatever the belief is, currently we know that engagement rings play a major role worldwide, even in very different cultures. Their function of symbolizing the union between couples is quite important for some people, even for the women who lose their rings. Take a look at these next ten amazing stories of brides and spouses that lost their precious rings but got them back in very different ways.


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