10 Life-Saving Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs

In today’s business world, there is no wall that separates “creatives” from everyone else in the office. Those days are long gone. Now, there are more bootstrap businesses than ever, which means there are more people wearing more hats than ever. Luckily, technology is a powerful ally working alongside us at every turn. Even while on the move, entrepreneurs and small business owners can think big and contribute vital ideas to their businesses. Over the last several months, I’ve compiled a list of  apps every creative entrepreneur can use to increase efficiency and creative output. Here are my top 10:


Looking for new ideas and inspiration? This is a fantastic tool for your stimulus queue. Toss interesting articles you spot throughout the workday and read them later during your down time.


This is the ultimate podcast listening app. This app allows you to put all your favorite podcasts in the same place so you can listen to them in one fell swoop or make a priority list. Open it up on your commute to work and get inspired with a mix of news and brilliant podcasts.


Drafts is better than a notepad and easier to navigate than a Google doc. If you need to write quickly before an idea slips your mind, fire up Drafts, type away, then send it to your favorite tool for storage or later editing.


Customize your news with this one-stop shop for reading and collecting the news you care about on any topic imaginable. When searching for an idea, spend a few minutes scrolling through Flipbook to search for potential inspiration.

Focus Time

Do work in short, focused bursts, then take structured breaks. It’s a great way to keep rhythm going throughout your day.


An App based around the famed website, Quora let’s you stay connected to your curiosity by browsing fascinating questions like “how does Apple, Inc. keep a secret?” and answers from the Quora community.


If you want to produce brilliant work, you need to sharpen your mind. Listen to audiobooks on the go, and fill your well during downtimes.

Day One

The ultimate journaling app for Mac/iPhone/iPad. Spend a few minutes each day recording and processing the events of your day so that you get better at focusing on the right things.


In order to be effective, you have to define what you will and won’t do. OmniFocus is a great tool for keeping tasks and projects in order so you can get messy in your creating.

You Are Your Own Gym

Exercise is extremely beneficial to the creative mind. YAYOG walks you through bodyweight exercises to help you get in a good workout anywhere and everywhere, even on the road.

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