The 10 Least Stressful Jobs in America

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    If your job requires frequent travel and strict deadlines it won't make the cut.

    No career is absolutely stress-free, but some jobs are certainly less stressful than others. Most of the time, the least stressful jobs are indoors and in a controlled environment that allows employees to focus on their responsibilities.

    Job site CareerCast published a list of the least stressful jobs yesterday based on measurements of 11 specific factors across 200 occupations. The factors it considered are whether the job requires travel (the more travel, the higher the stress), growth potential (dead-end jobs tend to create more stress), strict deadlines, working in the public eye, competitiveness within the organization, physical demands, environmental conditions, putting your life at risk, hazards encountered, meeting the public, and having someone else's life in your hands.

    The wage and projected percentage growth of each job (between 2010 and 2020) come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Below are the least stressful jobs:

    10. Drill press operator

    Median salary: $35,580

    Outlook: 6%

    9. Multimedia artist

    Median salary: $61,370

    Outlook: 8%

    8. Librarian

    Median salary: $55,370

    Outlook: 7%

    7. Medical records technician

    Median salary: $34,160

    Outlook: 21%

    6. Dietitian

    Median salary:$55,240

    Outlook: 20%

    5. Seamstress/Tailor

    Median salary: $26,280

    Outlook: 1%

    4. University professor

    Median salary: $64,290

    Outlook: 17%

    3. Jeweler

    Median salary:$35,350

    Outlook: -5%

    2. Hair stylist

    Median salary: $22,700

    Outlook: 14%

    1. Audiologist

    Median salary: $69,720

    Outlook: 37%

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