10 Free Tools to Create Attention-Grabbing Images

10 Free Tools to Create Attention Grabbing Images image 10 free tools to create attention grabbing images1 625x44610 free tools to create attention grabbing images

We all know images hold great power over us. The perfect shot can reduce us to tears or make us laugh harder than we ever have before. We can become addicted to images, glued to our computers and televisions. Images have become an integral part of our lives and a way we express ourselves and learn.

Our mind can absorb pictures quicker than text. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s proven that we retain information from a visual quicker and, 40 percent of the time, we will respond better to visual content versus text.

Companies can harness this power of visual content to increase conversions on their website, build relationships with fans on social media and create a positive impression on consumers.

There are hundreds of different online tools you can use to make your images pop on the web. Below are ten of the top free tools to help you easily create and edit visuals.

1. Gimp
If you are looking for a program like Photoshop to edit your images, Gimp is for you. Download this free image editing software to have the ability to draw shapes, create vignettes, animate, color correct and manipulate photos.

2. Instagram
Instagram has become increasingly popular as a social network. Users find it easy to take pictures and videos, edit and share with friends across multiple platforms. Businesses have also hopped on the bandwagon to share photos of their products, run contests and even sell items with Chirpify.

3. Pixlr
Not only does Pixlr offer a photo editing smartphone app, but they also have three different online programs to bring out the best in your visuals. This free photo editing service offers three modes: advanced, efficient, and playful. The interface is very easy to use for any novice and provides great filters to make your photos look professional and fun.

4. Google+
I’m sure this one caught you by surprise. Google+ has made it easier than ever to edit photos, include text and publish straight to your timeline. Here’s a great video on how to edit photos in Google+.

5. Quozio
Visual content doesn’t always have to include a picture. Quozio will help you beautify your quote in a few easy steps. These quotes are great to share on Pinterest, Facebook and even in your blog content when you want to emphasize a statement.

6. Gif Maker
Gifs are another great way to get users’ attention. And they’re a lot easier to put together than you might think, especially with this Gif Maker. Simply upload your pictures and animate them using Gif Maker’s easy-to-use tools. You can also use these already created gifs. Try to create gifs that are relevant to your company but are still funny. For example, a construction company can include a gif of a person falling off a machine in a blog post about safety.

7. Quick Meme
Memes are a great way to add a little spice to your blog content. Quick Meme is an easy tool to put together famous pictures with your hilarious and relevant text. And if you can’t think of anything, you can scan the thousands of already created memes on the site.

8. Piktochart
Infographics are a great way to simplify complex data into easy to understand chunks. Piktochart is just one of many infographic tools that can help you put together a creative visual. Infographics are great for blog content and spreading on social media. This holistic drug rehab center does a great job using infographics on their blog to drive traffic to their website.

9. PicMonkey
PicMonkey is a free editing program for photos. Use their simple tools to touch up your photo, add text, merge images, watermark or create a collage.

10. Pen and paper
We sometimes forget the greatest tools are the ones we use every day. Hand-drawn pictures are becoming very popular on blogs. They also are extremely easy to do. After you draw your picture or diagram, take a photo of it with Instagram. Add a filter to give it some edge and email the final picture to yourself to include with your content.

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