10 B2B and B2C Content Ideas for the Holiday Season

    By Rachel Parker | Small Business

    10 B2B and B2C Content Ideas for the Holiday Season image Fotolia 26037111 XS resized 60010 B2B and B2C Content Ideas for the Holiday SeasonSweet merciful crap, is it December already?

    Apparently it’s not just me who was caught off guard.

    Hop on over to Facebook or Twitter and you’ll find a smorgasbord of stressfests around gift budgets, house decorating, travel arrangements, family visits, and party planning. And for those who seek refuge at the office, there’s that ominous pile of budget deadlines, 2014 planning templates, benefit enrollment paperwork, and holiday coverage schedules.

    So what does this have to do with us content marketers? Folks, what we have here is what we call in Texas a “target-rich enviornment” (or “tohrget-rich en-vaahrn-ment” for you purists).

    In other words, we content marketers all about solving problems and making life easier — exactly what everyone’s craving this time of year.

    So, no matter who your audience is, there is some reason they need your help this month. Here, I’ll prove it with 10 content titles for a randomly selected group of B2C and B2B audiences:

    B2C Content Ideas

    1. Domestic Divas: Make Holiday House Guests Feel at Home Without Losing Your Mind
    2. Yoga Enthusiasts: Detoxifying Poses to Combat Holiday Indulgences
    3. Pet Lovers: Keeping Pets Stress-Free During Holiday Parties
    4. Avid Cyclists: Best Cycling Destinations for Holiday Getaways
    5. Moms with Toddlers: Foolproof Present-Hiding Secrets from Santa Himself

    B2B Content Ideas

    1. HR: Mobile Apps to Facilitate Open Enrollment
    2. Leadership: Celebrating 2013 Successes With Your Team
    3. Marketing: Is Your Marketing Mix Due for a Makeover in 2014?
    4. Accounting: Get a Head Start on on 2014 Tax Reporting
    5. IT: Keeping Your Systems Safe from Holiday Phishing Scams

    So, how are you leveraging this busiest of all seasons to amp up your content? Tell us in the Comments — we’d love to hear from you!

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