10 Awesome Prom Cars

The easy answer to going to the prom is to get some white Lincoln Town Car limo, but there are way cooler options. Here are ten that avoid that inevitable lameness. Since most of these are rentals, you’ll have to have your dad act as a chauffeur, unless you’re like Wooderson in Dazed and Confused and still date high school girls at age 25.

Rolls-Royce Phantom


There’s a rental outfit around Philadelphia called PLR Rentals that features a fairly staggering array of exotic cars to rent. It’s going to cost you $450 an hour to rent, so maybe have Dad pick you up in the Chevy Celebrity after dark.

 1969 Dodge Charger


It’s going to cost your dad $8,000 a year to join the Classic Car Club, but once he does, you’ll have access to a lot of cool cars. One of the most appropriate with a back seat so you can haul your lady around is this ’69 Dodge Charger, with a cool Bullittvibe. Wait, you’ve never seen Bullitt? Kid, skip the prom. You don’t deserve to be seen with girls.

1932 Hupmobile


Yeah, just what every high school kid remembers is those glorious days of yesteryear when the Hupp Motor Company was turning out the finest cars this side of a Packard. Anyway, if you want to show up in something unique, Silver Star Limousines in Yonkers, New York has an amazing fleet of vintage cars including this 1932 Hupmobile. At least you won’t suffer the embarrassment of showing up in the same car as someone else.

The Midnight Rider

Midnight Rider

The Midnight Rider is a 25-ton, 416 square foot coach, hauled behind a Peterbilt. It’s been showing up at events since 2005 and claims to have all the appointments and technological whiz-bangery you could ask for.  The dude who shows up in a stretched Hummer? You’ll be banging his date before the night’s over.

Rent a Hearse


Grave Rides in Hollywood will set Goths up with a chauffeured hearse for prom rides. You and your maudlin date can listen to the Smiths and complain about how you can’t get a job because of your 19 eyebrow studs. Maybe you can take a few minutes to check out how cool the car is.

Delorean Limousine


It’s not clear whether this thing is rental-ready or not, but you can read all about its build and get in touch with the owner about it. The engine is a “custom 3.0-liter PRV,” so if you plan on getting to Prom 2014 you should probably leave now.  See the original Delorean here.

Land Rover Series II

Land Rover

What better way to ensure that you and your hot date are going to break down in a secluded area than to select a vehicle with the questionable electrics only Lucas can provide? Churchill Classic and Vintage Rentals rents out this Land Rover, which is guaranteed to have you stranded waiting for AAA.

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

If you’re going to go Lincoln, go all the way and rent a 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible from Regency Car Rentals in Marina Del Rey, California. Maybe your date could wear a vintage pink Chanel  number with a pillbox ha…oh, wait, that’s not a good idea.

Buy Your Own Limo

Town Car

For about four grand, you can buy your own Lincoln Town Car limousine to drive you and your friends around in long after the prom’s over. Throw a set of snow tires on it and drive it all year. Pick up random people at the airport and take them places they don’t want to go.

1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28


If you’ve been saving up your lawn mowing money for years to buy a car, and the old man has agreed to pay half, you can pick up a nice ’79 Z28 like this one for about what you’d be into to rent that Phantom for the weekend. Yeah, it’s brown. Negotiate a bit so you can afford to buy that Foghat 8-track and get the powder blue tux with the tophat.

Lead Image: vintageirvington.blogspot.com


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